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Step-by-Step Guide to Problem Solution Essay structure

Problem solution essay is a kind of essay which involves analyzing a problem and proposing the best method for solving the problem. The problem identified for analysis should be one containing challenges which are possible to be solved. The problem solution essay possesses the following features:


1 . A problem requiring a solution.

2. Thesis statement identifying the problem and points leading to the solution.3, Recognition of diverse possible solutions.

4. Comprised of details, examples,specific facts and reasons tojustify the solution is chosen.

5. A tone which is analytical. The structure of a problem solution essay entails the

Following:introduction The introduction of problem solution essay should be able to identify the problem. The writer can begin by pointing an image of the issue or the problem at hand to ensure that it is compelling to the readers to convince them to read the essay further. It is usually the lead used to grab the readers attention and is also the part where the writer can appeal to the reader's emotions by stating the people being affected by the problem and the possible consequences if the problem is not addressed on time.

Elaboration of the problem Here, the writer will have to present the issue or the problem at hand starting from a broader perspective and then narrowing it down to details. It should include the historical background of the issue by elaborating how the problem began and how it grew into what it is at present. These factual claims have to be supported with credible sources which can be either through endnotes or footnotes to convince the readers. The writer should also ensure he/she observes the proper citation to retain a tone which is trustworthy on the solution essay.

Presentation of the solution this step, the writer has to present the solution which is concrete towards the problem already laid out. The solution should be able to indicate the step by step procedure how the problem will be able to be solved on my blog Avoiding The Most Common Research Paper Writing Problems. It must be feasible and logical and must also be supported by other pieces of evidence to convince the readers that the specific solution chosen is the best to solve the solution already mentioned.

Conclusion, the last step in problem solution essay, is the conclusion. The solution essay must be finalized with a completion which should be able to restate the problem and summarize all the arguments mentioned in the piece into one solution which directly addresses the issue. The conclusion should also have a call to action encouraging the readers to participate in the proposed settlement or even offer their support by providing other possible alternative solutions they think can be used. The writer while persuading the readers to act on the issue can also highlight the consequences if the problem is not dealt with. After all, the best problem solution essay is the one which creates the sense of urgency on the readers to address the identified problem.

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