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Avoiding The Most Common Research Paper Writing Problems

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When writing a research paper. Everyone makes mistakes. However, some mistakes are more common than others. Being aware of these potential paper writing mistakes can help to avoid time-wasting edits and potential plagiarism. Before getting started, use these mistake to get the paper off to the right start.

1. Too Broad of a Thesis Statement/Subject

Many papers fail because they try to cover too much ground. The size of the paper will largely determine how much content can be covered. A simple thesis statement should aim to cover one topic and avoid any broad categories. For example, a thesis statement involving education will likely be more successful if it focuses on one area of education such as elementary school or high school rather than trying to tackle all education levels.

2. Writing Off-Subject

The thesis statement of a paper is designed to be the guide for the paper. Every other sentence in the paper should ultimately lead back to and

support that statement. It can be easy to veer into other areas but make sure to edit out these sentences that don't elaborate or support the main idea of the paper. For example, a research paper that discusses the War of 1812 probably shouldn't discuss the local customs of the British people.

3. Stylistic Weakness

Although a paper can be grammatically correct and contain good sources, it may not read well. Some research papers fail because they don't have a good flow of ideas throughout the paper. Are quotations integrated logically into the real estate agent resume? Does the paper have a variety of sentence structures? Did you avoid using passive voice as much as possible? Many people find it helpful to read a research paper out loud to catch these weaknesses.

4. Are Sources Cited Appropriately?

When it comes to research papers. Anyone writing a paper needs to double-check sources and cite them correctly in the paper. Any major claims that are not accepted as fact need to be cited with primary sources and the occasional secondary source. It's easy to plagiarize even without realizing that it's been done so check the paper for plagiarism before turning it in quick and simple ways to check if your paper is plagiarized.

5. Inadequate Conclusion

The concluding paragraph should restate the thesis of the paper and summarize the main idea of the paper. Since many people skin the article and pay the most attention to the beginning and end paragraphs, it's incredibly important to get this right. The conclusion does not have to belong. In fact, usually, three to five sentences is a good length. However, it's well worth the time focusing on this area and getting a clear and concise final paragraph. All writers need to develop their ability to write a well-crafted research article. Almost every profession requires the ability to write research—backed document. Although it can take time to learn these skills, avoiding these common mistakes is a good way to get started. Use these ideas to start off the paper on the right note and edit it well before turning it in for review.

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